About Us

Mark-CerneseMark Cernese, Chief Executive Officer, is an accomplished executive skilled in corporate and investment finance. His background includes leadership roles in the following capacity:

  • Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer of The Wire Guys, LLC, a leading provider of security and technology integration services.
  • Portfolio Manager & Chief Operating Officer at ATA Financial Group, an investment and accounting firm.
  • President & Chief Executive Officer of MAC Investment Company, a mortgage company specializing in residential and commercial real estate loans.

MCA Advantage

The reasons are simple…

  • Business owners and entrepreneurs, our Corporate Finance Consulting Services will ensure your business is on sound financial footing.
  • Investors, we will design customized portfolio strategies dedicated to achieving your GOALS
  • Corporate retirement plan sponsors, we will REDUCE your retirement plan costs and provide FREE retirement planning services to your employees
  • We only get paid by you, our client, and do not receive commissions or other compensation of any kind. We have a fiduciary responsibility and are legally bound to act in your best interest.